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Newest bandcamp release, just made this and stayed up all night its 7/1 8:06 AM. Really like this one, not sure if its my tired ears talking but i think this ones good. Will be on the album

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Connor Bradley/Green Kimberly

This site took me way too long to get to work. I kinda got the gist of HTML. Still want to add a lot more, but this will do for now. I will update with my newest projects on the left. On the right here is just a little collage of videos, put to the album "on the bus" by taygaloo cat

Im eating rolled up bread with just peanut butter in it. Its a recent craving. I really like it.

Drinking water a lot as well.

Working on online school. Stuck on this silly little slide narroration thingy.

I like photography. Im in a rut as of recent, so im not taking as many photos as Id like to. Im getting better at guitar.

Im really slow right now